A Baby Changes Everything!

“You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.”

(Luke 1:31, NIV)

Christmas 2012 in Texas is a favorite memory. If you’re thinking of “a first,” then you are correct. It was an unforgettable first for our family. The celebration was spontaneous and sensational.

Our adult children were calling us together so that they could give my bride and me our Christmas gift. They were unusually eager for me to hurry, but I was busy upstairs getting my camera gear ready. Eventually, I succumbed to their entreaties, but puzzled at their relentless insistence.

Once I descended the stairs our children were giddy and our daughter gave us the clear instruction, “Look on the Christmas tree for your present.” Curious and bewildered, Yvonne and I examined our tree. Everything seemed familiar.

Then, my bride exclaimed, “Here it is!  What is it?” She held up a pair of reindeer shoes.

“They are baby shoes,” I declared.

“What?” Yvonne uttered.

“What kind of shoes are they, Mom,” our daughter teased.

“Really? Are they baby booties?” Yvonne was hopeful but cautious in her enthusiasm.

Then, she lost it completely. We were going to be grandparents! Sensational joy broke out!

For many years my wife had been preparing for the day when she could cuddle and love on her own grandchildren. We had almost given up hope. Just that morning we saw a baby at the grocery store, and we both sighed, “It could be ours.”

Now, the wait was over. There would be no more moments of gazing and admiring the grandchildren of others. God was blessing us with our own grandchild!

Christmas is all about a baby. He was the Son of God born of a virgin. His birth was announced to Mary, and she received the news that would change the world forever.

When the announcement of the baby’s birth came, angels singing and witnesses rejoicing accompanied the exceptional news. Hope for many generations now would be fulfilled. Joy filled the earth with the announcement of the birth of a baby, a very special baby.