All Eyes on the Baby

DECEMBER 1, 2023

On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. (Matthew 2:11a, niv)

In December 1948, Prince Charles, who was the future king of England, was baptized in Buckingham Palace at the age of four weeks. The following day the first pictures of the royal baby and heir apparent were released to the public. One of the most popular pictures shows the royal family, including parents and grandparents, gathered around the little prince, gazing lovingly at him. The caption underneath read:
All Eyes on the Baby.

Those words beautifully encapsulate the essence of Advent. Christmas is all about the baby who is King. The message of Christmas is—All Eyes on the Baby. This message is highlighted throughout the birth narratives.

  • The lengthy genealogies, with all their difficult-to-pronounce names, are all about the baby. Matthew ends with the baby (Matthew 1:1–17). Luke begins with the baby (Luke 3:23–38).
  • The Old Testament prophets peered down the corridor of time and saw the baby by faith (Matthew 1:23; 2:6, 15, 23).
  • Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, sang about the baby (Luke 1:68–80).
  • The angelic host announced the birth of the baby to the shepherds (Luke 2:10–14).
  • The angel Gabriel made the rounds announcing the baby’s coming (Matthew 1:20; Luke 1:11, 26).
  • The shepherds traveled immediately to see the baby and hurriedly left to tell others about Him (Luke 2:15).
  • Mary treasured and pondered everything about the baby (Luke 2:19).
  • The old man Simeon spotted the baby in the temple, took Him in his arms, and blessed Him (Luke 2:30).
  • The aged Anna was all about the baby who would redeem Israel (Luke 2:36–38).
  • The wise men traveled hundreds of miles to see the baby-King and worship Him (Matthew 2:10).

Again and again, the caption under the picture is the same—All Eyes on the Baby. Why? Because He is the Messiah—the virgin-born, Bethlehem baby, who lived a sinless life, died for sinners, rose from the dead, and is coming again someday as King when “every eye will see Him.”

As you celebrate this season in personal times of reflection, family gatherings, and church services, may this caption appear underneath all your pictures—“All Eyes on the Baby.”

Dr. Mark Hitchcock 
Research Professor of Bible Exposition