DECEMBER 10, 2023

“This is what the Lord has done for me at the time when he has been gracious to me, to take away my disgrace among people.” (Luke 1:25, NET)

Christmas Changed Elizabeth Personally

Christmas is God coming to be with His creation, offering Himself as the Savior of the world. God’s people waited hundreds of years for the coming Messiah to be with them and change the world forever. However, throughout the Scriptures we see God working for His people even before Jesus was born. Elizabeth is one of those people. She was personally changed by God through a gift that redeemed the challenges of her past, grew her confidence in the present, and provided hope for her future.

Elizabeth lived a life she did not expect. Scripture introduces her as an elderly woman without children, living a visibly different life than others in her community. Before the first Christmas, God addressed Elizabeth’s difficulties. Through bearing a baby boy in her old age, Elizabeth was reminded that God saw her and remembered her suffering. She boldly declared that God had removed her disgrace from being childless (Luke 1:25).

This confidence in God ministered to others experiencing trials. Zechariah, Elizabeth’s husband, became mute due to disbelief in this gift yet rested on a promise that his voice would return at his son’s birth (1:20). Mary, Elizabeth’s cousin, hearing a woman in her old age conceived, learned nothing is impossible with God, which provided comfort in her Holy Spirit-inspired pregnancy (1:36–37). Elizabeth’s community witnessed the mercy of God to care for the hurts of His creation and rejoiced with her (1:58). Finally, everyone waited expectantly for God to do mighty works through her son in the future as they witnessed God’s hand fulfilling His promises by returning Zechariah’s voice (1:65–66).

This Christmas, remember that God meets your needs personally. Jesus is not merely a distant gift to be opened on Christmas Day. Elizabeth experienced that He is God with us; He restored the challenges of her past, worked in the uncertainty of her present, and provided her hope for tomorrow. Spend time reflecting on Elizabeth’s story. Remember that Christmas is God with you—removing your disgrace, showing you His power and mercy, and reminding you that your tomorrows are filled with His great plans.

Dr. Stacey Davis
Assistant Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership