Our Greatest Hero

“And you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21, NIV)

Jesus deserves our unwavering trust because He alone has saved us from the destructive power of sin and death.

I’ll always remember that indelible moment when my dad, grandpa, uncle, and I were corralling a small herd of cattle in the barnyard of my late grandfather’s six-generation farm in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

I was standing to the side, an inquisitive elementary school-age boy taking in the action, until I noticed the eyes of a cow lock on mine. A second later it began charging full-speed toward me.

Now, growing up we were taught never to run from the farm animals as this would instinctively bring out more aggression.

So there I froze, like a deer caught in headlights. I didn’t dare run and there was no way for me to withstand the impending blow of this charging Hereford. Deep inside I felt completely helpless.

I was just a heartbeat away from being driven into the ground. Then suddenly, my dad jumped in front of me and cuffed that cow on its nose with a force that turned it the other direction. All while I hid in his shadow.

In that unforgettable moment, my dad had rescued me and saved my life. He was my hero!

How much more does Jesus deserve our unbending devotion as our greatest Hero!

For by grace through faith He has saved us from the crippling blow of sin and death, now and for eternity!

This Christmas, hide anew in the protective shadow of our greatest Hero— the Lord Jesus Christ.