The Living Door

“I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved” (John 10:9, NASB).

G. Campbell Morgan was a well-known Bible teacher from Great Britain who traveled to the United States a number of times. One of his trips was made on a ship with George Adam Smith, a great Old Testament scholar. In the course of one of their conversations Dr. Smith told Morgan about an experience he had in the east. He said he was traveling in Israel and came upon a sheep fold. He said, “There was just a stone enclosure that marked the fold, and there was a simple opening into it.” He spoke to the shepherd, “Is this a fold for the sheep?” “Oh, yes,” the shepherd replied. And then Dr. Smith said, “I only see one way in.” “Yes,” said the man, “only one way, that’s the door,” as he pointed to the opening in the wall. Dr. Smith then said to him, “But there is no door there.” The shepherd replied, “I am the door.” And Dr. Smith said, “My mind went back to John’s statement when Jesus said, ‘I am the door.’” And so he asked the man, “What do you mean when you say, ‘You are the door?’” He said, “Well, the sheep go inside, and I come here and I lie down across the threshold and no sheep can get out unless it walks over me, and no wolf or wild beast can get in unless it walks over me. I am the door.”

Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the door to salvation. He is the only way into God’s sheepfold. There was only one door into the ark in which Noah and his family found refuge. There was only one door into the Tabernacle, which was God’s dwelling place on earth. There is only one door to God. Jesus is the door—the living door. He came to earth to die in our place to open wide the way of salvation to all who will come through Him. And, our “Living Door” provides security and protection for His sheep. What a comforting promise in these troubled, uncertain, and anxious times.