The Virgin Will Conceive

“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son . . . ” (Isaiah 7:14, NIV)

Dr. Walter Wilson, a physician and Bible teacher in Kansas City, had just examined a young university student and felt constrained to share Christ with her before she left his office. She refused the gospel, sharing that, in her opinion, no educated person could ever accept the Bible. She said, “Tell me, Dr. Wilson, do you believe in the virgin birth?” “Indeed I do,” he replied. “Very well,” she continued, “now let me ask you two questions. Let’s suppose you tell me that your examination has revealed that I’m pregnant, but I respond by saying this can’t be, since I’m a virgin. However, I later give birth to a baby boy. Here are my two questions: first, would you believe I was truthful concerning by virginity, and, second, would you look upon my baby as the Son of God?”

Breathing a silent prayer for divine wisdom, Dr. Wilson answered: “Well, it would all depend on certain things. Let’s imagine that I was present at his birth and watched in amazement as farmers in the area came and worshiped him, followed later by the arrival of foreign astronomers bringing him costly gifts. When he is twelve, I see him holding his own with America’s greatest theologians and philosophers. Years later I follow him as he empties hospitals by healing the sick, disrupts cemeteries by raising the dead, reduces prison populations by changing lives, and reconciles enemies by his messages. Finally, if I could look in horror as this incredible man was murdered by his foes, and, in great sorrow, officially pronounce him dead, but then, miracle of miracles, actually see him walking around several days later, then, yes, I would say, you are a virgin, and yes, your baby would be the son of God!”

Mary was a virgin, and Jesus Christ is the Son of God just as Isaiah predicted seven hundred years before His birth. The infant is infinite. The infinite is an infant.