Wonder Child

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, in the time of King Herod, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem saying, “Where is the one who is born king of the Jews?”
Matthew 2:1–2 NET

The Wizards of Babylon had been certain they would find the king of the Jews in Jerusalem. They anticipated bowing down in wonder and worship before the newborn monarch.

And yet, in Jerusalem all their wanderings had ended not in delight, but in a dull thud of disappointment. Grizzled old Herod was anything but newborn. And he wasn’t even a legitimate king of the Jews. Herod didn’t evoke wonder, but woe.

Herod told them they should look for the king in Bethlehem. And off they went, with a spark of hope rekindled. But if the king wasn’t in Bethlehem, then the long journey would have been for nothing. And when they returned home, they would be the laughingstock of Babylon.

The first mile along the road to Bethlehem nobody spoke, but then… “Wait, look!” said one. “There it is!”

The shining light had appeared again, moving ahead of them toward the south. Toward Bethlehem. The light stopped over the roof of a small home. The light was so bright they had to shield their eyes.

“What’s this, then?” asked his companion.

“We aren’t in Babylon anymore,” said another.

They heard a child’s laughter coming from inside the home. Then, suddenly, the toddler appeared in the doorway, His eyes wide. The light above the home faded. A woman, His mother, ran up behind the boy and caught Him up in her arms, laughing —then she followed her Son’s gaze to their visitors—

Bowing to the ground, in wonder.

Are you hoping for a little wonder this Christmas? Don’t count on the gifts under the tree. They will leave you feeling as empty as a Christmas stocking with a hole in it. The Wonder of Christmas is a Person. Look to Jesus Christ this Christmas to fill your heart. And discover the Wonder you’ve been hoping for.